Fair rules for the safety, security

and overall wellbeing of our

member community.


With respect to all policies, key policies are presented below in common phrasing…

Please be mindful that Collabor8, the platform, is a “members-only” + “community”

This page may otherwise be referred to as our “Code of Conduct. Please also see our seperate “Privacy Policy” for more information.

  • Statements should be factual. When making comments that are “opinions” please either state “in my opinion” first and/or bracket the opinion.
  • Hate speech (race, culture, gender, sexual orientation or otherwise) is simply not to be tolerated. Collabor8 may moderate, remove post and/or ban the Member.
  • Please be respectful when sharing content, this platform is designed to be topic rich and contraversial in all respects.
  • Please keep content relevant to topic threads. Some groups will be open to various tiers of membership, some will be closed to the public or invite only. Sharing may fail due to ‘permissions’.
  • Please ensure any linked, copied or re-posted content recognises the author. You may also provide back-links to the source.
  • If content is your own, we welcome placement of your original source here at Collabor8 i.e. your blog. You may then link it as a promotion back to Collabor8 with an affiliate link.
  • Please do not share your login details (username or password) with anyone. A breach could pose a security risk to Members, or the entire site.
  • Packaged accounts i.e. Tribe, are managed by one master account owner / Member. Sub accounts are unique. Cancellation of a Master account will result in loss of all sub accounts.
  • Buy/Sell transations between Members i.e. within the “Classifieds” are the Members responsibility. E-Com Store purchases are commercial and can only be managed by Biz Plan Members (greater level of security). Collabor8 may assist or mediate a dispute in the best interests of the Members. Collabor8 assumes no liability for loss or damage, the Members unreservedly indemnify Collabor8.
  • Fees are required to maintain this platform.
  • Members can manage their own accounts and profile within Collabor8. Please ensure that you have funds for any automatic deductions prior to the payment date. Our system will send Members email reminders. Please ensure that Collabor8 emails are marked “safe” by your email program.
  • Reward points are allocated by the platform automatically, and are earned for Member participation in certain activities and are intended to reduce the Member subscription costs. Points cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred. However, Members can gift memberships.
  • 100 points = 100 cents or $1 (one dollar).
  • There are two forms of badge.
    1) Tier Badges: Are automatically assigned to every Member depending on what Membership level they have. Higher tiers are more committed.
    2) Reward Badges: Assigned at the discretion of Admin or per a promotion or competition, or to reward a Member i.e. #1 referrer or #1 support forum poster. Details per “Rewards” page.
  • Only Biz Plan members are permitted to place ads or market their business, including vendor rights within our e-com Store. Ads must first be approved and programmed by Admin.
  • Members must not advertise or market “an offer” within the Activity Feed. Biz Plus plan Members may market their Collabor8 Biz page and may place official offers on our “Offers” page.
  • Our “Offerpage will allow Members to market offers that we restrict within the Activity Feed. This is to ensure advertising does not intrude on a Members experience.
  • Offers will display in order of Member tier. A “Chief” plan offer will consistently display above a “Warrior” Member’s posted offer.
  • Please respect your fellow Members, even when their opinions differ to your own; each person is on their own journey, seeking their own answers.
  • It goes without saying, respect for Admins and higher tier Members, especially those who have earned support badges is paramount to maintaining this great Collabor8 community.
  • Admin’s do not want to exercise this too often, so please respect our super simple rules and have fun collabor8ing! To be clear, we are truth seeking freedom warriors by default and we encourage passionate, “constructive” support. However, hate speech, member/admin abuse, any kind of fraud, spamming, phishing, circumvention or deceit contravene our code of conduct.

Support is provided as follows:

  1. Website Q&A bot (AI program, regularly updated);
  2. Website FAQ;
  3. Member support forum (under Forums);
  4. Email Collabor8 Admin staff;
  5. Tutorial videos (curated over time);
  6. Ranking members may request webinars.

Please ensure that your email address is always current and that we’re approved (not considered ‘spam’) by your mail filter. All notices and notifications will primarily be delivered on email. We shall endevour to deliver ‘in-account’ notifications and relevant notices within the Collabor8 blog. Dependent on Member numbers over time, the development of a set of Mobile App’s ranks highly on our agenda.

All Members agree to the following statements with respect to the key policies expressed above.

I, [Member name]…

  1. Have provided my true name, contact and payment details. I am over 14 years of age. I am directly authorised or I have sought someone who is authorised to settle my accounts, and I verify that all transactions are free of fraud. Proof to the contrary shall immediately nullify my Membership.
  2. Agree to the common key clauses above and the elaboration of terms within the Collabor8 Privacy Policy. I shall operate my Membership with pride, and understand that I am interacting with validated Members (real people); and I may be rated by Collabor8 and my piers in any transaction.
  3. Shall not share my account details or willingly allow invalid third parties to access my account, or cause offers to be presented in an inappropriate forum. I shall abide by the rules herein stated and understand that behavior that is not conducive to this community may affect my Membership.
  4. Accept full responsibility for my content (words, links, images, videos) and shall seek permission and/or reference any source on any non-original material I present or share. I shall also refrain from posting hate and/or defamatory speech, and will state posts as opinions or referenced facts.

Fair enough? – Then on behalf of Collabor8 and it’s collective Members, welcome onboard!

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