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Collabor8 is all about its community! Support is primarily provided via our social channel. However, if you have a very specific question that you would like only addressed to us, or you’re not yet a Member – you’re welcome to fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch within 72 hours of receiving it. Your voice, our community… with Collabor8!

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Please note that support is provided in the following methods, and should be sought in this order:

  • Our Avitar bot, website FAQ’s and Training Videos.
  • All Members: May ask the community in our Support Forum.
  • Paid Members: May send admin & support emails.
  • Business Members: May IM admin or moderators.
  • Non-Members: May use the “Contact Us” form.

Frequently Asked Questions

This list of FAQ’s is aimed at existing Members

Can I share my Membership?

No: Your specific login is yours. Please keep your password safe and do not share it with anyone else. Your account is where your friends lists, blogs, activity list, purchases etc are all stored. You may share any discount or promotional coupon freely, always.

Yes: You may pay for other members accounts if you choose to: the best method is to “gift” a membership. Please do not give others your payment details, for security reasons.

Yes: You may subscribe to our Tribe Plan. This is a special “group” plan that allows for four Members, that the primary Member pays for. All Members become “Warrior” Plan subscribers for $39 (value: $48).

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Yes: All accounts are pro-rated and you can complete a change of account at anytime from within your settings. This applies to all plans, individual or business. 

Please note: A downgrade will turn off some of the functions you had prior and settings and/or data may be lost (not retrievable, if you later change your mind).

Also, a lapse in account i.e. payment failure may also cause settings and/or prior data to not be retrievable.

Our system is designed to send members email notifications before, when due and past due. Please ensure Collabor8 emails are not filtered as spam by your email program. 

Can I advertise or sponsor?

Business subscribers are the only type of Member who can request add placements. However, any member may sponsor their own event, give credit to their business in their own blog and maintain a link to their website within their profile.

Let’s define this rule clearly: No Members are permitted to market their business in the activity feed. We’re attempting to maintain a community with the least amount of commercial influence possible. We allow our Business Plan Members as a minimalistic form of income, to help maintain the sites operational costs and subsidise our Member subscription costs. Business adds must be prior approved and placed by our Admin.

Will you add more features?

Absolutely, yes. We have created a number of features already, designed to effectively launch a community of exceptional value prior to receipt of any income. As soon as our Membership grows beyond certain levels, we will build out and add more functions.

We have a list of developments that we would like to build and shall prioritise them based on Member Polls – so please participate in them. There are two main examples that we’ve currently prioritised:

a) A mobile app for iOS and Android;
b) Courses that Members can access.

Can I become a "Partner"?

Yes. We are a community and we need various forms of Partner.

Informally: People or groups who help us to spread the word and increase Membership. We remunerate with affiliate commissions.

Formally: Business Members help us by paying a higher subscription, placing ads, sponsoring and/or hosting projects or events. By Members, for Members.

Associates or Affiliates may assist our community by providing us with the ability and rights to link or port valuable content, products or services for a commission.

Can I become an "Influencer"?

Yes. As our community grows, the most active Members may become influencers. These types of Member will likely earn enough points to cover high tier plans as well as gain recognition within the community for their involvement and contributions.

Our community is entirely separate from other Social Media mediums such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. However, we’re still a platform that believes in sharing at the Members discretion, content that is relevant to this community. Content can be shared between here and there in 1 click.

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“Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success”

– Henry Ford


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